Thursday, September 22, 2011

Joe Bonham Project Update

From left to right: Peter Catapano, Mike Fay, James Panero and Carol Kino

This past Sunday, Joe Bonham Project coordinator, Mike Fay, traveled back up to Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood to de-install the first dedicated Joe Bonham Project exhibition at the Storefront Gallery. Although this show only lasted 18 days, it was able to get significant attention from the press. We were featured at Pajamas Media, The National Review, The New York Sun, and Washington, DC's WTOP News.

Helping with the de-installation were three key figures in the creation of the Joe Bonham Project. Mike Fay's editor at the New York Times Opinionator, Peter Catapano, New York Times arts writer Carol Kino, and the show's curator, James Panero, editor of the New Criterion.

Peter published Mike's Still in the Fight series last March. Carol, who wrote an article that appeared in the NYTs Sunday Arts and Leisure section July of 2010 about Mike and fellow combat artist Kris Battles, connected the Joe Bonham Project with James.

We are now in talks with several other venues for our next exhibition.

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